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Standard High and Ultra-High Vacuum Components for Your Unique System

Applied Vacuum offers a complete line of standard vacuum components

  • Conflat® or CF flanges which are available in sizes from 1.33" to 16.5" diameter (fixed or rotatable).
  • KF and ISO style flanges are available in sizes from NW10 to NW50, and ISO63 to ISO500. 

AVT manufactures all flanges and fittings from high-quality, lowcarbon 304L stainless steel bar and plate stock to ensure the integrity of your vacuum system. 

Many high vacuum applications require 304L ESR, 316L, or even 316LN ESR grades of stainless steel, which AVT readily quotes per request.

AVT can add custom features or fabricate turnkey items from 300 series Stainless Steels (including 316LN ESR); specialty alloys such as Nitronics®, Inconel® and Hastelloy®, as well as OFHC Copper, Titanium, Aluminum, Niobium and Molybdenum.