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ISO Fittings & Adapters for High Vacuum Environments

ISO Fittings, elastomer seal, 304L stainless steel.

  • Available in any NW Flange size from NW 63 to NW 500.
  • Fast connect/disconnect
  • Reusable seals
  • Genderless Mating
  • Symmetric geometry
  • Material quality/composition certs available
  • Bakeable to 150C with Viton o-ring seals
  • Ideal for high vacuum environments (10-8 torr)

ISO fittings are ideal for high vacuum environments. ISO Components, ISO Fittings and ISO Adapters are available in a variety of configurations. Our flanges and fitting are ready to use as received.

Reducers are typically used to transition between flange sizes of the same variety and may be zero length or non-zero length. ISO Adapters provide a method to join two different styles of seal.

We specialize in custom configurations of these items. Please request a quote for custom orders to quantity discounts.

Unlike most of our competitors, we actually make our own flanges and fittings.