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Welding Expertise for Custom UHV Vacuum Vessels


Chamber welding.

Interior chamber welds.


AVT has been perfecting weld designs and welding techniques for nearly 30 years.  Critical welding for ultra-high vacuum vessels, chambers and assemblies is the essence of our business.  We inspect every weld and leak test every assembly to assure mechanical and vacuum integrity.      

304L stainless steel is the recommended material for most vacuum applications.  And our vacuum welding experts commonly fabricate assemblies using vacuum heat-treated (VAR or ESR) stainless alloys including 316L. We also have plenty of experience with other stainless alloys such as 316LN, Mumetal (for magnetic shielding), and numerous other specialty metals.

AVT is ISO 9001:2008 and Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1) certified.  With a full-time American Welding Society® Certified Welding Inspector® on staff, our quality is second to none.

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