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Custom Machining for Vacuum Components


Custom Machined Chambers
CNC Mill (1 of 5 Mazak VTCs)

Applied Vacuum Technology offers custom machining services utilizing the latest in design software and CNC equipment.  Our range of CNC milling and lathe equipment offer significant capacity and flexibility. Whether your component design is large or small, and whether you need a few or high volume production- AVT can deliver!     

Our machinists have extensive experience fabricating components using a variety of metals:

  • 300 series Stainless Steels (primarily 304 and 316)
  • Mu-metal 
  • Aluminum and Titanium
  • OFHC Copper
  • Nitronics, Inconel, Hastelloy and other specialty alloys
  • Molybdenum, Niobium, and other refractory metals

We offer CMM inspection so you can be sure that your components meet print.

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