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CF Fitting, Adapters & Components

CF Fitting, metal seal with OFHC Copper, 304L Stainless Steel.

  • Conflat® compatible
  • Genderless Mating
  • Rotatable and Non-rotatable configurations
  • Bead-blast finish
  • Material quality/composition certs available
  • Bakeable to 450C
  • Ideal for Ultra-high vacuum applications (10-13 torr)

Conflat® style fittings are ideal for ultra-high vacuum environments and are ready to use as received. CF Components, CF Fittings and CF adapters are available in a variety of configurations. To ensure alignment, a rotatable flange is supplied opposite a non-rotatable flange on each axis. Elbows have two rotatable flanges.

Reducers are typically used to transition between flange sizes of the same variety and may be zero length or non-zero length. CF Adapters provide a method to join two different styles of seal.

We specialize in custom configurations of CF components, fittings & adapters. Please request a quote for custom orders to quantity discounts.

Unlike most of our competitors, we actually make our own flanges and fittings.