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Upcoming events:

Society of Vacuum Coaters TechCon, Santa Clara (CA), Apr 28-29

APS User Meeting, Argonne National Lab (IL), May 11-13

NSLS-II User Meeting, Brookhaven National Lab (NY), May 18-20

Reps for CA and TX regions:

AVT welcomes US Tech West and Telesis HV.  Click for contact info for all of our reps.

Chambers for NSLS-II:

AVT recently supplied chambers for the Coherent Hard X-ray Scattering (CHX) beamline, an initial beamline in operation for the National Synchrotron Light Source II at Brookhaven National Labs.  More info available here: NSLS-II  


Applied Vacuum Technology is a premier manufacturer with more than 25 years experience fabricating custom solutions for high and ultra-high vacuum applications. 

AVT provides a variety of products utilized in vacuum equipment for research, as well as commercial vacuum process systems.  We produce chambers, welded assemblies, flanges and other critical components.  Please take a look at our engineering capabilities for more detailed information regarding our equipment and services.

Our engineering and manufacturing resources will help take your requirements from initial concepts, to fully engineered designs, to tested products ready for assembly.  All we need is a drawing or description of your requirements to get started.

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Advancing Vacuum Science Through Custom Design and Engineering
Providing custom vacuum solutions at a higher level, improving performance, exceeding expectations – those are our primary goals.  Whatever your requirements, let us turn your ideas into finished high and ultra-high vacuum products.

Applied Vacuum Technology, LLC is a division of:     

Anderson Dahlen has more than 4 decades of experience in custom stainless steel fabrication.  Our expertise in metal forming, large capacity machining, and welding are ideal for manufacturing vacuum chambers.  We have substantial engineering and manufacturing resources to support custom fabrication requirements for a wide variety of applications. You can learn more about our capabilities at